3M Unitek and IMTEC Corp have announced an agreement naming 3M Unitek as the exclusive worldwide distributor of the IMTEC® Ortho-Implant, a temporary anchorage device system for orthodontic treatment. This product line, developed by IMTEC Corp, will be offered to orthodontic customers in most major markets through 3M Unitek’s worldwide sales organization.

Among the many products offered by the company, the IMTEC Ortho-Implant is a miniscrew implant designed to facilitate orthodontic anchorages as part of orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth.

Dr Ronald A. Bulard, Chairman of the Board of IMTEC Corp, said, “We’re excited about aligning IMTEC with 3M Unitek to serve a rapidly growing global market for orthodontic products. Our FDA listed ortho-implant has been on the market for 2 years and has been well received by orthodontists. 3M Unitek’s expansive distribution network will make this unique product available to countless orthodontists around the world, and their patients will certainly benefit from it.”