TeleVox Software Inc and Smile!, a division of CAS Designs Inc, have entered into an exclusive marketing alliance. Smile! offers design services, marketing tools, and Web site enhancement features to practices.

Smile! is now the TeleVox preferred provider of identity and marketing design solutions for dental and orthodontic practices. Smile! offers professionally-designed custom logos, business cards, stationery, office forms, patient walkout packets, brochures, informational cards, and more.

The agreement will also benefit TeleVox WebPlus customers, who can take advantage of courtesy pricing on Smile! Web site plug-ins. These interactive Flash animations with voiceovers can be added to practice Web sites to enhance patient education and promotions. Topics include oral hygiene with braces/appliances, eating habits, appliance activation, elastic wear, and troubleshooting. Custom before and after morphs are also available as Web site enhancements.