AC Element Co, Hong Kong, has released MyUSBOnly 6.0, a Windows USB security application designed to prevent data theft through a computer’s USB ports.

New features for MyUSBOnly 6.0 include compatibility with the company’s new DeepMonitor Report Manager Console, an add-on report manager that provides in-depth log information from each USB port. The program allows users to review an event log, examine recent activity, view statistics, or search for specific, detailed security information. The latest version of MyUSBOnly also includes the ability to deploy and configure MyUSBOnly remotely on all the computers in an office.

Technically the software acts as something similar to a firewall that monitors the USB ports for any storage device that is connected to the protected computer. MyUSBOnly helps users create a whitelist of all of the USB devices that are allowed on the computer. Once the list is complete, the software will then check the whitelist of allowed devices by USB brand (if permission will te granted for a certain USB brand that is used by the company) or by serial number (for specific USB devices that will be allowed) depending on the settings desired by the user.

The software also has reporting features, such as e-mail notifications each time somebody attaches a USB device to a desktop or laptop. MyUSBOnly also maintains a security log of all attempts to gain access to the computer via USB flash drives, iPods, card-readers, or any USB hardware.

MyUSBOnly 6.0 runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/Server 2008 and costs $29.90(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely. Multi-user discounts are available. Lifetime upgrades and technical support are available with no additional charge.

To download a free, 27-day trial version, click here.