Consulting Network, a group of orthodontic consultants dedicated to management and training solutions for orthodontic practices, announces their Clinical Coordinator “A-Z” Workshop, which will take place November 3–4, 2006, at the Embassy Suites in Dallas.

The company advises that the following individuals from a practice attend: clinical coordinators and the persons next in line for the position (a minimum of two staff from each clinic); the individual who handles patient-flow in the clinic (whether or not this person has the title of clinical coordinator); the doctor’s clinical liaison (whether or not this person has the title of clinical coordinator); an individual who would benefit from leadership training in preparation for the clinical coordinator position; the person that the clinical staff go to for questions and concerns; the new employee clinical trainer; and office managers and orthodontists.

Some topics that the workshop will cover include developing effective leadership skills, your role in “on time—on target” treatment, balancing clinical duties with patient flow, writing and assigning job duties, conflict resolution techniques, increasing organization and efficiency, when to hire and fire, preparing and delivering performance reviews, new employee training tips, and developing your team member’s strengths. Registration fee is $695 for the first attendee and $595 for each additional person from your office.

For more information or to register, call (805) 552-9512 or e-mail [email protected].

[Consulting Network, August 17, 2006]