OP OrmcoDamonClear2SIZED2Ormco Corporation, Orange, Calif, has introduced its Damon™ Clear2 as the newest item in the company’s Damon System line of products. According to the company, the Clear2 self-ligating bracket features two times the rotational control due to a new ultra-precision slot.

In addition to optimized standard torque, the Damon Clear2 bracket features a completely clear body and door. Made with polycrystalline alumina material, the bracket is virtually invisible and resistant to staining.

According to Ormco, the Damon System’s bracket bond strength and opening/closing forces ensure durability, as well as comfortable wire changes and adjustments. Damon Clear2 was designed as an ideal solution for today’s image-conscious adults and teens. It is suitable for a variety of cases, including patients with crowding, flat profiles, open bites, and individuals in need of crossbite correction and arch development.