Interfathom,New York, has launched TaskMerlin 3.0, a Windows-based task managementtool. TaskMerlin allows orthodontists and office staff to organizenotes, tasks, and schedules, and share them with colleagues.

TaskMerlin can be used by project and management teams forcollaboration, and workers who follow David Allen’s "Getting ThingsDone" workflow methodology.

TaskMerlin 3.0 features a new calendar that allows users to create a newappointment with a single click or keystroke. Users can also addreminders to any task or appointment, and reschedule appointments bydragging and dropping them. The calendar is integrated with MicrosoftOutlook.

TaskMerlin also features multiperson, multiyear project management; abuilt-in editor; and the ability to add hyperlinks to related tasks and Web pages. All information is searchable and can be sorted and filtered.In the Professional Edition, each user has his or her own password,e-mail settings, popup reminders, filter definitions, and displayoptions.

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