MAG Softwrx Inc, Denver, a provider of time-tracking solutions, has released Timeless Time & Expense 3.0, an updated version of its time tracking software. Timeless Time & Expense 3.0 is designed to help organizations account for the time and dollars spent on each task, project, and client.

Timeless Time & Expense 3.0 allows users to track their time, tasks, and expenses at a detailed level using a hierarchy of tasks. It includes built-in reports and multiple custom report choices to allow users to report on their time, expenses, and costs at both a detailed or summarized level.

The system also includes new invoicing features. This software enables users to bill for fixed amounts and change billing rates as they change over time. Users can provide clients with detailed or summarized invoices. The new version also allows users to track invoices, ensuring they get paid for all work done. Timeless Time & Expense 3.0 offers multiple billing currencies, so users with clients and projects in multiple countries can bill in the appropriate currency.

Timeless Time & Expense 3.0 is available for the desktop or Web for $79 per license.Volume discounts are available.

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