Midmark Corp, Versailles, Ohio, now offers a new LED Operatory Light.

According to the company, the LED Operatory Light provides true,reduced-shadow white light. In addition, it features a feathered edge tohelp minimize eye strain caused by sharp edges with high contrastdifferences.

The device has pull, tilt, and twist options, as well as access to atouchpad. A motion-controlled on/off function can be set on the touchpadwith the touch of a button. The touchpad control also provides threeintensity adjustments and a composite safe setting to prevent prematurecuring. Midmark’s LED uses filters to remove the 470-mm blue light thatcures composites.

According to the company, the LED Operatory Light uses 50% of theenergy of the market-leading LED dental lights, and more than 80% lessthan halogen dental lights.

The new LED Operatory Light can be retrofitted onto any existing Midmark dental chair package.

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