SmileRadar_appSmile Radar is a new smartphone app from India-based app company Smile Radar that allows patients and orthodontists track treatment progress. The app includes an auto reminder feature to notify patients to send their orthodontist an updated progress photo every 2 weeks.

According to the company, orthodontists and patients are able to view changes in tooth position by overlaying successive photos. The orthodontist has the option of accepting or rejecting the photo based on its clarity.

The app also includes an SOS feature, designed to reduce emergency office visits. The features can be activated on the doctor-end of the app when a patient contacts the office to report discomfort or some other type of complaint. Once activated, the SOS feature allows the patient to immediately send a photo to the orthodontist, who can then decide what further course of action to take.

The app can also be used to send patients their pre- and post-treatment photos. The photos can include information about the practice, including its social media information. Patients receive these photos on their smartphones and are then encouraged to share them on their social media profiles with a single click, according to the company.

The app is available for Apple and Android smartphones.