Oral BioTech, Albany, Ore, now offers CariFree pHluorigel HA Nano and CariFree HA Nano Gel tooth gels.

CariFree pHluorigel HA Nano combines bioavailable nano hydroxyapatitecrystallites with 5,000-ppm sodium fluoride, xylitol, and CariFree’s pH+technology. Users can brush with pHluorigel one or two times daily, orwear in a tray appliance to increase exposure.

CariFree HA Nano Gel contains bioavailable nano hydroxyapatitecrystallites, xylitol, and CariFree’s pH+ technology. The gel has aminty flavor and is designed to neutralize acidic biofilm and repair ofthe enamel matrix. CariFree HA Nano Gel can be used as needed forwhitening sensitivity, dry mouth, and acidic biofilm prevention.

Both products are available in 2-fluid-ounce bottles.

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