Orascoptic_OmniOpticOrascoptic, Middleton, Wis, recently introduced OmniOptic, the company’s first and only interchangeable magnification loupe. The OmniOptic allows the clinician to select the optimal magnification power for each procedure.

The OmniOptic accommodates four magnification powers, ranging from 2.5x to 5.5x. In addition, it features a magnetic anchor built into the carrier lens of the frame, allowing clinicians to upgrade their magnification powers without having to purchase a new loupe system.

According to the company, the OmniOptic system is ideal for users looking to increase their magnification over the course of their career.

The OmniOptic system supports the HDL 2.5 Macro, HDL 3.5, HDL 4.5, and HDL 5.5 telescopes. This system is available as a through-the-lens configuration on the Legend, Rave, Rydon, Victory, and XV1 frames.