OrthoAccelTechnologies Inc, Houston, has partnered with AB Orthodontics,Melbourne, Australia, to introduce the AcceleDent System to theAustralian market.

The AcceleDent System, an acceleration device designed to speed uporthodontics, was introduced in the United Kingdom last year. The firstclinical trial demonstrated increased rates of tooth movement as aresult of the using the AcceleDent System for 20 minutes daily. Thedevice was also well tolerated by patients, according to the study.

Earlier this month, the AcceleDent System was awarded the Bronze Award atthe 23rd Annual Excellence in Design competition in the medical,laboratory, and test equipment category. The competition was sponsoredby ApplianceDesign magazine.

The AcceleDent System is neither FDA-cleared nor FDA-approved, and iscurrently investigational only in the United States. OrthoAccelTechnologies is anticipating the conclusion of a US clinical trial atthe UT Health Science Center in San Antonio later this year.

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