Practicon CTTPracticon, Greenville, NC, now offers the CTT™ Ceramic Tissue Trimmer from Ronvig. The CTT allows clinicians to perform cosmetic corrections and minor gingivectomises while helping to eliminate bleeding. This rotating instrument can often be used to replace electro-surgery and surgical blades, and in many cases, the use of retraction cord, according to the company.

CTT features a point made from a very hard and durable biocompatible oxide materials that cuts without “burning” the tissue. Under rotation at 300,000 to 500,000 RPM, a portion of its kinetic energy is converted to heat sufficient to create hemostasis. The CTT is ideal for gingival modeling, freeing deep cavities, opening sulcus prior to impressions, exposure of intraosseous implant sections, and retinated teeth. The CTT is reusable and fully sterilizable.

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