LesterDine CameraLester A. Dine Inc, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla, now offers the Dine Digital Solution. The small, handheld 16MP camera is modified by Lester Dine to function intraorally.

The camera requires no external lenses or flash reflectors to take a full range of dental pictures. Five LED lights around the lens and a built-in flash assist the camera in capturing the intraoral subject. The camera is capable of photographing a range of fields, from posterior quadrants to anteriors, laterals, and occlusals, as well as portraits without a change to the settings. It is also capable of recording video clips.

The Dine Digital Solution is shock-resistant and water-proof. It comes with a hard fitted carrying case, cheek retractors, intraoral mirror, full instructions, as well as lifetime telephone support from Dine’s dental photography experts.

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