Three products from DentalEZ®, Malvern, Pa, Group, have received the Eco-Dentistry Association (EDA) Accepted Seal. The newly sealed products are as follows:

• RAMVAC® Hg5® amalgam separator for its waste reduction and pollution prevention;
• RAMVAC®  Badger™ waterless, lube-free vacuum system (pictured) for its waste reduction, pollution prevention, and water conservation; and
• all LubeFree™ StarDental®-brand handpiece product lines, including the 430® Series, Solara® Series, Titan 3®, Titan-T™, and Prophy Star® 3 for sustainable manufacturing, waste reduction, and pollution prevention.

The EDA Accepted Seal is awarded only to products and services that offer environmental benefits for the dental practice or dental industry. 

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