We want to find out how 2021 was for your practice. Take our inaugural orthodontic practice survey and, in an upcoming issue of Orthodontic Products, we’ll report back to you on the trends shaping the industry. 

The last year was unprecedented and unpredictable. That’s why we want to find out what your orthodontic practice experienced. 

Orthodontic Products and Levin Group are teaming up to conduct our inaugural orthodontic practice survey. We want to find out how 2021 was for both you and your practice. Not only will we report back to you on the challenges and successes facing the orthodontic profession in the April/May issue of Orthodontic Products, but we will also provide tips on how to navigate the year ahead. 

In recognition of your time and feedback, at the end of the survey, you can select to enter your email address to receive a free digital download of the e-book Turn Your Practice into a Great Business: What Dentists Can Learn from Corporate CEOs—Part 2. Written by Roger Levin, DMD, CEO and founder of Levin Group, the book is one of his most popular, and is ideal for leaders of orthodontic practices. It includes information on how CEOs manage not only their energy but their time, how emotional intelligence comes into play, and what it means to be a team builder. In addition, the e-book talks about how CEOs change their game and never stop improving, and why they value marketing and making strategic plans.