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Faisal Naveed is the CEO of Orthoease, North Ogden, Utah, a provider of orthodontic practice-management and imaging software solutions.

Orthodontic Products: What makes this year’s Orthoease Annual Client Conference special?

Faisal Naveed: This year, the Orthoease Annual Client Conference will be held September 18 to 19 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. From improving clinical efficiency and patient flow to new and creative ways of marketing, we will be focusing on the topics that can really impact the bottom line of orthodontic practices. Some of the consultants and speakers include Andrea Cook, Pat Rosenweig, Scarlett Thomas, Beth Leach, and Charis Santillie.

This year we are introducing a new meeting format. The first day will offer our clients valuable insight from our consulting partners and speakers, and the second day we will challenge our training staff to take the concepts presented on day one and show attendees how to incorporate them into their management system. For example, attendees can learn how their practice-management system can help them roll out their new marketing campaign without putting too much strain on practice resources.

OP: In what ways has Orthoease been expanding globally?

Naveed: Over the last 6 months we have expanded our client base into China, England, and the Netherlands, and are making great strides on the marketing front in the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and South Africa. We are now doing business in 10 countries and have plans to continue to increase our international presence, including the translation of Orthoease into multiple languages.

Our success in the international markets is partly due to our program working natively on both MAC and PC. This gives our clients more flexibility in choosing their hardware and operating system. Oftentimes the international clients are not in a position to make a large investment in hardware to upgrade their computers when buying a new practice-management system. Some of them even want to mix and match their machines depending on the most cost-effective solution available to them. Our clients enjoy the flexibility they have with a dual-platform system like Orthoease.

Our program-development methodology is also very flexible, which allows us to quickly customize the program to fit the needs of our international clients. We can accommodate requests such as country-specific address and phone number formats or the use of foreign-language alphabets. Due to the success we have seen internationally, we have been able to maintain a steady growth, despite the slower economy.

OP: How has the response been to last year’s launch of Orthoease Imaging?

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Naveed: We introduced Orthoease Imaging, our ceph tracing and analysis program, last year at the AAO conference. The product is performing exceptionally well in the market segment it was focused toward. We realized that most orthodontists did not use complex analysis and 3D imaging functions on a regular basis but they were stuck with paying the price for a full-blown program that had a lot more features than they needed. Realizing this gap in the market, we introduced Orthoease Imaging, a system that did everything an average orthodontist needed, for a price point that was lower than that of the traditional imaging systems. We are seeing an excellent growth in our market share as a result of this new product.