Dolphin Imaging and Management, Chatsworth, Calif, has named Smiles Change Lives (SCL) its“charity of choice” because of the organization’s commitmentto helping the children who most need braces. “SCL has created a veryeffective and powerful model for helping orthodontists to give back tokids in their community,” said Chester Wang, director of DolphinImaging and Management. “It wasnatural that we not only support the great work of SCL, but thededicated orthodontic practices that make miracles happen for theneediest children.”

According to LeAnn Smith, COO of Smiles Change Lives, “When Dolphin donated their management system to us in 2009, we were struggling to maintain accurate records and meet the needs of a few hundred children and orthodontists. Because we had their outstanding technology during our national expansion last year, we are now managing nearly 400 orthodontic providers and thousands of applicants and participants with great efficiency.”
With nearly 900 immediate openings, SCL is seeking applicants who meet the following criteria:

• ages 11 to 18 with good oral hygiene;
• a taxable family income at or below 200% of Federal Poverty Level; and
• crooked teeth and/or misaligned jaws.
Dentists, hygienists, counselors, nurses, and teachers are encouraged to nominate a child for this program.