with Mark Sanchez, DDS, Cogent Design Inc

Mark Sanchez, DDS, is the president of Cogent Design Inc, the makers of topsXtreme software. Sanchez founded Cogent Design in 1992 and wrote the original version of tops. In 2001, he recruited teamXtreme to bring the orthodontic profession the next generation of information systems. Sanchez developed his mathematical and programming skills while enrolled in the PhD physics program at Georgia Tech University.

OP: What type of service does topsXtreme provide?

Sanchez: topsXtreme offers UNIX-based practice-management software with imaging.

OP: What are some of the features of topsXtreme software?

Sanchez: In addition to UNIX-based practice management with imaging, topsXtreme offers integrated letter writing, remote access, self-maintenance, and auto-updating.

OP: What programs and networks does topsXtreme integrate with?

Sanchez: topsXtreme integrates with OrthoBanc, Quick Ceph, TeleVox HouseCalls, TeleVox T.Link, Ortho Sesame, Tel-A-Patient, OrthoClear, Invisalign, SureSmile, all digital x-rays, and IACT.

OP: What makes topsXtreme different from other practice-management software on the market?

Sanchez: topsXtreme is a management system that leverages the speed, power, and stability of UNIX.