SuccessEHS, Birmingham, Ala, has acquired MediaDent®, a practice-management, electronic dental record (EDR), and dental imaging solution. MediaDent is the flagship product of Georgia-based MMD Systems Inc, which will operate as a new division of SuccessEHS. The addition of MediaDent will expand SuccessEHS’s current offerings, which include an electronic health record (EHR) and practice-management solution with integrated medical billing services.

As a result of their existing partnership, MediaDent interfaces seamlessly with the SuccessEHS solution. With the further integration of the two products, SuccessEHS will offer providers the unique option of a single platform encompassing medical, behavioral, and dental solutions. The resulting single patient record will enable providers to better treat the whole person and deliver an uninterrupted patient experience.

In its stand-alone form, MediaDent will continue to exist as a full EDR for independent dental providers. As with the fully integrated solution, dental-only clients will benefit from the SuccessEHS hosting infrastructure, which includes Software as a Service (SaaS), Turnkey, and Hosted Turnkey setups. SuccessEHS will offer independent dental practitioners a fully cloud-based EDR, including imaging, via its SaaS hosting option.