MightyBrace GameMighty Brace, Austin, Tex, has released a HIPAA-compliant, Apple-compatible app and online portal to educate orthodontic patients on proper oral hygiene techniques and dietary guidelines. Created by David Hime, DDS, MS, in conjunction with digital studio Chaotic Moon, the app engages with young patients through interactive videos and games while simultaneously allowing doctors to remotely monitor patient progress.

The full Mighty Brace product line consists of three versions: Pro, Home, and Web. The Pro version, priced at $499, is available for in-office use only and provides animated video instruction on proper oral hygiene and diet. The Home version is available as a free download and maintains patient engagement via the Mighty Brace Game, through which patients earn Advanced Certificates of Achievement and compete with others in the same office for top leaderboard placement. The Web version rounds out the product line at $499 per year and allows orthodontists to communicate with patients through messaging and reminder features. All communications are HIPAA-compliant and are stored on the Mighty Brace servers.

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