The Sonic Toothbrush offers two modes, catering to days when pediatric to pre-teen teeth and gums are achy or days when a powerful clean is preferred.

BURST Oral Care  has introduced the BURSTkids Sonic Toothbrush. According to the company, this brush was designed and approved in partnership with the BURST ambassador dental professionals, which currently includes more than 30,000 members. The product is designed to help engage children and pre-teens while establishing good oral care habits and improving overall health from a young age.

The company notes that the BURSTkids Sonic Toothbrush addresses several obstacles identified by their network of dental professionals. The small, ergonomically designed soft touch silicone handle is designed to offer a better grip and easier manipulation of the brush for children developing fine motor skills, while the pediatric-sized brush head and soft-charcoal, tapered bristles are specifically designed to fit in developing mouths and dislodge food and debris from in between and on the teeth. The Sonic Toothbrush features two modes to cater to days when teeth and gums are achy or days when a powerful clean is preferred. To ensure all parts of the mouth are attended to and no teeth are neglected, the built in 2-minute timer pauses every 30 seconds to indicate it is time to brush the next quadrant of the mouth.

BURST’s pediatric toothbrush is suited for those with primary teeth to mixed teeth, ranging from 2-year-olds to pre-teens. Packaged in an interactive advent calendar-style box, the manufacturer aimed to make the unboxing experience fun and exciting to motivate kids to brush. The product comes in blue, purple, and pink.