The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the device which can be used by dental professionals to provide remote monitoring between visits and oral hygiene coaching. 

Candibell Inc is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its Truthbrush device. The device allows parents and dental professionals to track the toothbrushing habits of the family and patients. 

Truthbrush uses patented technology to track toothbrush movement. Parents and dental professionals can then use this data to see when families/patients brushed and for how long they brushed. In addition, Truthbrush displays data showing areas of the mouth that were missed during brushing. The data, collected over time, will show patterns that can lead to targeted and more effective coaching to help establish long-term solid oral hygiene habits. 

Candibell CEO and founder Eric Huang and his team are focused on building low-cost connected devices. “It is our desire to build low cost products that are accessible to as many families as possible,” Huang says. “The simple design of this product allows parents and dentists to monitor, reward, and coach kids to form better brushing habits which is a big step towards a healthy and happy life.”

Dental professionals have access to a special dentist portal. Through this portal, dental professionals can provide remote monitoring service to patients and check in with them between visits with recommendations on improving brush performance. 

“Truthbrush is a game-changer. It illuminates a major blind spot by providing data that we have never had access to,” said Paul O. Johnson, DMD, a pediatric dentist in Wellesley, Mass. “Patient needs can be addressed immediately without waiting for the next 6-month visit.”