DUO_mini_toothbrush_flosserUnique Product Concepts LLC, Chipley, Fla, released its new DUO disposable mini-toothbrush with flosser. According to the company, DUO was specifically designed to be a “comprehensive” on-the-go dental tool that cleans the teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums.

The DUO disposable mini-toothbrush and flosser is 3 inches long, and features a flosser on one end and a brush head on the other end. The brush head is composed of soft polymer bristles that are exposed in all directions so that users can access all parts of the mouth without having to flip or spin the brush.

Each brush head holds a minty-fresh flavored bead for cleaning teeth and freshening breath. According to the company, the bead completely dissolves while being used. The main ingredient in the bead is peppermint oil.

DUO is available in packages of 18 units, which can be stored in a purse or glove compartment.

Although each brush is designed for one-time use, the company says they can be used more than once. Use of the DUO does not require water or rinsing.

The DUO disposable mini-toothbrush and flosser is available on Amazon.