HeyGears launched its Automated Case-by-Case Clear Aligner Production Solution, designed to automate each step of the printing process.

HeyGears has launched its Automated Case-by-Case Clear Aligner Production Solution. The automation-focused digital dentistry solution is designed to streamline production processes and improve efficiency when printing clear aligners.

Using the UltraCraft A3D Ortho’s 3D printing build platform, the HeyGears solution enables organization and printing of clear aligner models for a full patient’s case in a single operation, eliminating the need for manual sorting and optimizing production efficiency.

Building on a complete case-by-case approach, automation is integrated throughout the production process, including pre-processing, printing, and post-processing stages.

The HeyGears solution incorporates features such as auto OCR code labeling, auto blockout, and auto trim line detection. It automates tasks like code labeling and blockout processes, along with generating unique OCR codes for each model for laser labeling and trim line trimming. The A3D Ortho’s large-scale build platform enables printing of all models associated in a patient’s case in a single task, without the need for multiple print preparations.

The solution also offers automated part removal and model collection by patient’s case during the production phase. During the post-processing stage, final steps are simplified by providing automated washing and curing without the need for manual sorting.

Screenshot via HeyGears