3Shape_e4-lab-scanner3Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark, has introduced the new E4 lab scanner.

To reduce scanning steps and save time in labs, the E4 reportedly has 4 x 5 MP cameras to enable powerful impression scanning and scanning of dies while they are still in the model. Like all 3Shape E models, the E4 features auto-start scanning and articulator holder support. A full arch scan reportedly takes 11 seconds, with a scanner accuracy of 4 microns, according to the company.

The E4 scanner will be available August 2019.

As part of its CAD/CAM design product segment, 3Shape also offers the latest release of its Dental System 2019 design software for labs. The software features an optional improved add-on module for clear aligners, in addition to its solutions for dentures and splints, and a range of restorative indications from veneers to implants. Dental System 2019 also features a number of new additions intended for big labs These additions aim at faster starting times for new cases, easier reopening of previously designed cases, and the import/export of material settings.