Dentsply Sirona added new functions to DS Core, offering new communication tools and a unified ordering service.

Dentsply Sirona announced additional functions for DS Core, offering smooth communication with patients and a unified ordering service. As a cloud-based solution, updates are available at the next login.

DS Core enables users in practices and labs to take full advantage of digital dentistry, supporting dental professionals throughout the treatment process. DS Core connects devices and services and facilitates seamless collaboration with specialists, partners and labs, while incorporating tools for personalized patient communication.

The latest function added to DS Core include:

  • Enhanced “Communication Canvas”: This tool makes patient communication illustrative and user-friendly. Various patient images can be arranged and displayed side by side on a digital canvas in 2D and 3D, such as X-ray images, photos, or intraoral scans. Annotations in the form of text or freehand drawings can now also be inserted into the canvas. In addition, dentists can share these images with patients, making it easy to communicate and enabling them to make informed decisions about their proposed treatment plan while adhering to GDPR and HIPAA guidelines for privacy-compliant data sharing.
  • Viewer update: The viewer function in DS Core has been enhanced to support additional data formats such as STL and PLY, making the cloud platform a powerful tool for communication and collaboration also for users employing third-party intraoral scanners.
  • Unified ordering system: DS Core introduces a function that links dental practices with labs and other service providers. Dentists can either collaborate with their preferred lab via DS Core by inviting them to the platform or discover new specialists offering services tailored to their needs. The ordering system simplifies the process of placing and managing orders. An update to the chat function makes communication very simple while increasing the accessibility of the platform via smartphone. In addition, labs now have the option to export their worksheets as a PDF.

DS Core is open to data from all intraoral scanners and supports most relevant file formats (e.g., STL, DICOM), allowing labs to work with nearly all customers on a single platform. Dentists and dental technicians do not have to worry about licenses, maintenance or required updates. DS Core software updates run automatically, so users always have access to the latest version and features.*

“With DS Core, Dentsply Sirona offers a cloud solution that is device-independent. Users can access and use the functions from anywhere,” said Max Milz, group vice president of connected technology solutions at Dentsply Sirona. “It’s all in one place, can be controlled intuitively like a smartphone, and can provide great simplification to the IT infrastructure of practices and labs.”

Photo courtesy of Dentsply Sirona