Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions has introduced a new Volume Stitching feature as part of its 3D module. Offering the ability to “stitch” together two separate volumetric datasets to construct a larger view, this new feature brings the full view of 3D technology to a larger demographic of practitioners. “Not all dental specialists have access to large field of view (FOV) cone beam CT devices,” said Ken Gladstone, Dolphin’s manager of imaging software products. “But, there are times these doctors want a larger view, for example both condyles or the entire arch.” The new Volume Stitching feature allows the practitioner to import two separate, smaller scans and “stitch” them together to create a single, larger FOV volume DICOM dataset. “Volume Stitching is the perfect tool for smaller field of view systems to generate larger and more useful volumes,” said Gladstone.

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[Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions, November 2008]