Planmeca is offering new AI-powered tools for its 3D and 2D imaging solutions within the Romexis platform.

Planmeca announced a series of AI-based tools for its Planmeca Romexis software platform.

The Planmeca Romexis software platform is a dental imaging solution for diagnosis and treatment planning. It supports a wide range of imaging modalities from 2D and 3D to CAD/CAM and is suitable for clinics of all sizes and specialities. The new tools for 2D and 3D imaging utilize AI to generate proposals, but the ultimate decision-making authority always remains with the clinician.

Romexis Smart is an optional feature available for the Romexis 3D imaging module. It automatically segments and recognizes anatomy such as the skull, soft tissue, teeth, nerves, jaws, airways and sinuses. The visualization of anatomy makes it an apt tool for patient communication, according to Planmeca.

Segmented anatomy offers an effective means to explain treatment plans to patients. This can help patients gain a better understanding of their treatment options, leading to increased case acceptance rates.

The Romexis software also offers another AI-based tool, which is optionally available for the 2D imaging module. As a result of a collaboration between Planmeca and Pearl, Romexis users can now benefit from an integration with Pearl’s Second Opinion radiologic detection aid service and receive AI detections created by the service directly in Romexis.

The automatic 2D image analysis for panoramic and intraoral X-rays provides a second pair of eyes, which can help dentists make better diagnoses, boost patient communication, and improve oral health outcomes. The AI analysis helps to identify signs of various dental pathologies and other treatable conditions found in dental radiographs, including hard-to-spot issues such as incipient caries or the early signs of a periapical radiolucency. Findings are highlighted in color and text. This can lead to timely interventions and long-term health benefits through increased patient retention.

“Artificial intelligence is not only the future but already the present of dentistry. Our unwavering commitment remains: to simplify the lives of our users and unlock value through intuitive software tools,” said Helianna Puhlin-Nurminen, vice president of digital imaging and applications at Planmeca. “By seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence, Romexis not only accelerates data analysis but also elevates precision.”

Image courtesy of Planmeca