The update gives providers one-click access to view images during claims and authorization processing, allowing for real-time claims processing and predeterminations.

SKYGEN USA recently announced that the latest version of their Enterprise System now provides one-click access to clearinghouses to view images during claims and authorization processing. According to the company, it allows for real-time processing of claims and predeterminations, which increases connectivity, saving dental payers and providers time and money.

The Enterprise System’s latest upgrades are designed to improve efficiencies for payers and revenue flow for providers, helping both maintain strong business operations during a time of reduced patient volume. It does so by providing payers (operations and dental consultants) with one-click access to review images from four national clearinghouses. In addition, the company now offers an application programming interface (API) that allows for real-time processing. Payers can bring this functionality into their provider portals for instant processing of claims and predeterminations. According to the company, these are accurate, not estimates. Dental practitioners can now seek payment up front allowing them to manage their revenue better, which the company says is extremely important during these challenging times. 

“These new Enterprise System upgrades couldn’t have come at a better time as the pandemic has really impacted the dental industry in a negative way,” said SKYGEN USA chief operating officer, third party administration, Kyle Koltz. “Now, payers and practitioners alike are able to better connect, streamlining payer operations and turbocharging provider revenue flow.”