It’s always nice when your new software works with the other platforms you already use. At the end of 2018, Christopher W. Pine, DMD, MS, owner of Pine Orthodontics in State College, PA, was looking for a new practice management software and knew that Cloud 9 came highly recommended. He thought it was the right time to make the move to cloud-based software. By March 2019, the practice switched over and the integration was virtually seamless.

One of the features of Cloud 9 Software that Pine found attractive was its ability to integrate with other software providers he was already using—something that other PMS companies he worked with had never been able to do.

Laura Selepack, the informatics coordinator at Pine Orthodontics, says, “Cloud 9 in general integrates with a lot of different companies, so that’s very helpful that we can use multiple different companies to do different things.”

“We are fortunate that Cloud 9 was already established in many of the relationships we had already established,” Pine says.

Pine Orthodontics uses a company called Rooster Grin to design and host their website, and Pine finds it convenient that they are one of Cloud 9’s partners.

“And what I found in the past was the smaller company that we were using, every time we said we want to use this website company or we want to use this company to do this, they’re like, yeah, we’re trying to integrate with them, but it just never happened,” he says.

Selepack adds, “I’ve dealt with two other practice management solutions since I started here, and they weren’t very easy to use, nor did they convert very well with each other.”

EasyRx is another company that integrates with Cloud 9. Pine uses this to manage digital prescription workflow with the lab for things like retainers. A prescription is populated with the patient information stored in Cloud 9 and once the specifications for the order are made, it gets sent to the lab. This helps because Pine Orthodontics has two locations.

With all of these software companies working with Cloud 9, the Pine team is able to do all of their paperwork and communication electronically. Everything is uploaded right into the software.

“They work so seamlessly behind the scenes to make it happen,” he remarks. “It just kind of happens. But they’re easy to work with. The support is really good.”

Selepack seconds the sentiment. “We don’t have to do anything with that on our end. It’s pretty well handled all through both of their companies together.”

In cases where he may need help, Pine notes that the Cloud 9 team is readily available.

“Sometimes some of these companies, you call for a problem and you’re either told to leave a message and they’ll call you back or you’re on a long wait or something,” he says. “And with Cloud 9, they seem to always be there to answer the phones and take care of any problems you have.”l

Together with Cloud 9 and partner companies like EasyRx and Rooster Grin, Pine feels as though his practice runs smoothly. He is not sure there is anything more he could ask for.

“The nice thing is if there was another company that had something to offer, I feel like Cloud 9 would probably already have that integration back channeled and if they didn’t, I feel like I could ask them and they would at least give it a hard consideration because they’ve been so receptive.”

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Cloud 9 makes moving appointments around, following up with busy patients and families, notifying staff of arrivals, and ultimately getting patients into the chair easier than ever. This demo breaks down various schedule views, patient check-in and flow, customizations and add-ons, and patient tools for booking & payment – all in the cloud!

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