With Curve GRO, the company wants to help dental providers experience fewer patient no-shows, less cancellations, and fewer callbacks.

Curve Dental, a provider of cloud-based dental solutions, has introduced the Curve GRO, Curve’s next-generation patient engagement platform. GRO is designed to maintain all patient communication and patient records within a single database, says the company.

According to Jana Macon, Curve Dental executive vice president of customer success, “While there are expensive bolt-on patient engagement options in the market, GRO brings significant new functionality to the industry’s most widely used cloud-based practice management solution. Our approach is striking a balance between the simplicity of a single platform and providing the most important features at a reasonable price.”

Curve GRO is designed to automatically manage patient reminder campaigns and updates the schedule when the patient confirms. For patients who may need to change their appointment or ask questions, GRO provides two-way conversational texting. For patients who do not respond to the reminder campaigns, GRO can automatically create tasks in the Smart Action List, allowing the staff to collaborate in real-time to triage patient outreach. GRO is designed to deliver better service, reduce cancelations, and improve staff efficiency.

According to the company, a rules-based campaign engine combined with the Smart Action List is significant for the dental profession because it creates automation, enforces best practices as determined by the practice administrator, and delivers an auditable trail of all activity that occurs. The Smart Action List is reportedly created with a customizable, filterable system, allowing for group collaboration so that staff can triage the list until everything is completed.  

Macon added, “By automating patient communications, GRO will dramatically reduce the number of reminder phone calls staff must make, saving time and money while streamlining and simplifying many other key front office tasks. With GRO, the company wants to help providers experience fewer no-shows, less cancellations, and fewer callbacks. Curve GRO is built to fuel teamwork and better organization, eliminating sticky notes, spreadsheets, and other inefficient appointment reminder processes.”