Instrumentarium Dental Inc, Milwaukee, introduces the Soredex Scanora® 3D x-ray system with HD panoramic. Soredex Scanora 3D combines a three-field-of-view cone beam with high-definition panoramic imaging in a single system to produce anatomically correct images of teeth, bone, and soft tissue plus panoramic images. The system is designed to help dentists and oral surgeons improve diagnostics, shorten treatment-planning time, increase surgical success, and improve workflow. The entire treatment process can now be controlled at a single practice.

An Autoswitch™ feature allows user to change modes from high-definition panoramic to cone beam without the need to change detectors or reposition the patient. In Cone Beam Mode, Scanora 3D offers three fields of view, allowing the proper image volume to be selected for each specific diagnostic task. The field of view can be positioned anywhere within the maxillofacial area. The smallest view is 60 mm x 60 mm, and the largest view is 75 mm x 145 mm.

Resolution is also selectable. In 3D mode, Scanora 3D offers low-dose, fast imaging, suitable for most diagnostic tasks, or high-resolution imaging for the highest level of accuracy. The Soredex Scanora 3D comes with a 3D software package for advanced diagnostics and implant planning.

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