uLab Systems, Redwood City, Calif, the aligner planning software company, announced its partnership with Drs Tom Pitts and Duncan Brown, who are known for their revolutionary approach to orthodontic esthetics.

Pitts created the “Smile Treatment Design,” an orthodontic protocol that focuses on smile arc, vertical incised display, and a broader, more beautiful smile which showcases at least 12 upper teeth.

As part of the partnership, the uLab software will feature Pitts’ protocol as a treatment option that orthodontists may select when planning their orthodontic treatment for patients. Pitts noted, “I am very excited to see uLab advancing aligner treatment and am eager to include the Smile Treatment Design. I feel this will be especially helpful for ‘combo’ treatments beginning with fixed appliances to develop the smile and then converting to aligners to complete. We also want to focus on an indirect bonding technique with Smile Treatment Design built in.”

President and chief technology officer Charlie Wen of uLab Systems stated, “With our planned Indirect Bonding module, orthodontists will be able to start a patient in brackets and then easily transition to aligners, all with the Smile Treatment Design protocol. It’s perfect for patients who desire an exceptional aesthetic outcome.”

uLab is currently planning a commercial launch at the AAO Annual Meeting in Los Angeles in May.