iSmile Dental Products, Sacramento, Calif, introduces a line of consumables and disposables. The new line, which includes cotton and paper products, gloves, infection control materials, and other high-use products, will be sold directly to dentists and will not be available from the major dental distributors.

The iSmile line of consumables and disposables includes cotton sponges, rolls, and applicators; evacuation products such as saliva ejectors, HVE Tips, and evacuation cleaners; disposable bibs, cups, tray covers, bite trays, and headrest covers; gloves (powdered, powder-free, vinyl, and nitrile); infection control products such as masks, autoclave pouches, soaps, sterilants, and surface barriers; fluoride trays; and prophy angles, cups, and paste.

"The average dental office will realize a savings of 15–20% using iSmile, when compared to products sold by the large, national dental distributors," said Bryan Shields, president and CEO of iSmile Dental Products. "Our goal is to allow dentists to save money without sacrificing quality."

For more information, contact iSmile.