Planmeca USA Inc , Roselle, Ill, introduces the ProSensor Digital Imaging System.

The ProSensor system uses complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology and features anactive imaging area that extends to the entire surface. Hermetically sealed, the sensor can be fully immersed in disinfectant for effective infection control and prevention.

The ProSensor is available in three sizes; 0, 1, and 2, and each is distinguished from the other with a clear symbol on the magnetic connector. Each size correlates to the type of patient a dental office will treat: 0 for pediatric patients, 1 for older children and teens, and 2 for adults.

The sensors are connected to a single interface box with a magnetic connector. Planmeca’s sensor technology allows dentists to process images immediately. When connected to the LED port on the interface box, the sensor monitors each step of the image acquisition process to provide instantaneous feedback through a display of different colors indicating the current status of the digital system.

The ProSensor software displays all patient images in a single interface and has the ability to connect via Ethernet connectivity, which allows Planmeca to match the dentist’s network environment.

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