This plastic material featuring colorful graphic designs can easily be integrated into the normal workflow of any orthodontic office with a thermoform machine.

Dentagrafix recently launched its thermoformable plastic material with integrated graphic designs. These colorful plastics allow patients to personalize both retainers and aligners. 

According to the company, Dentagrafix material is similar to other clear plastic sheets that are commonly used to make vacuum-formed retainers and can be easily integrated into the normal workflow of any orthodontic office or lab facility with a thermoform machine (eg, MiniStar, Drufomat, Essix Machine). The product was developed by Eric Sacks, DMD, a board certified orthodontist practicing in Livingston, NJ. 

The plastic sheets are 0.040-inches and FDA compliant. Half of each sheet contains a brightly colored design and the other half is clear. The patterned portion is typically placed on the posterior teeth leaving the anterior teeth clear, allowing the appliance to remain inconspicuous while adding an element of expressiveness. For patients who prefer a bolder look, appliances can be made with the graphics covering the anterior teeth by simply rotating the model 180 degrees on the thermoform machine. 

Dentagrafix can be ordered online and customization with office logos is available. Chair-side flip menus for orthodontic practices are also available, allowing patients to see available designs. 

According to the company, a focus group found that 90% of children surveyed preferred a decorated appliance over an all clear one and said they would be more likely to wear their appliances as a result. Parents reported that the patterns and colors would likely reduce the chances of misplacement.