Minnesota Rubber and Plastics introduces the Retainer Container. Designed for use in home dishwashers, the Retainer Container safely holds a retainer or bleach tray when attached to the top rack of a dishwasher. It provides a fast, easy, and safe method for cleaning and sanitizing a retainer or bleach tray using an ordinary dishwasher wash cycle.

The Retainer Container has a series of slot openings on all four sides to allow thorough cleansing, fast drain-off, and thorough drying during the wash cycle.           

The Retainer Container is flexible so that all patients have to do is press lightly with their thumb and forefinger to open it. They then insert the retainer or bleach tray and release. The Retainer Container closes automatically without hinges or other breakable fasteners.

It also features a mounting hole for attaching onto the dishwasher rack post so that the Retainer Container stays in place and won’t get bounced around during the wash cycle. It is available in blue, green, purple, or any specified color. Manufactured of FDA food grade Silicone, the Retainer Container is dishwasher safe and is designed for repeated use.

The patent-pending Retainer Container comes individually sealed in bubble package with easy-to-follow instructions. For more information, contact Minnesota Rubber and Plastics.