KavoKerr-PeelVue-PROKaVo Kerr, Orange, Calif, introduced PeelVue PRO Sterilization Pouches, a new line of self-sealing pouches for sterilization of dental instruments.

PeelVue PRO pouches are available in 12 sizes, and can be used fro sterilization or maintenance of sterility of dental instruments. They feature a triple seal for increased strength against tears and fall-through, dotted perforation for easy visual guide when sealing the pouch, and a notch to assist with opening of the pouch after sterilization.

According to the company, the pouches have been validated for both steam and ethylene oxide sterilization, and have separate indicators to communicate when the pouch has undergone sterilization.

PeelVue PRO Sterilization Pouches are made with medical-grade, non-recycled paper and current with the CDC’s packaging recommendations. The pouches have a 2-year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Instruments sterilized with PeelVue PRO remain sterile for up to 6 months in standard conditions, according to the company.