SmileDirectClub launched the Pro Whitening System Plus, which uses a wireless LED light to whiten teeth.

SmileDirectClub announced the Pro Whitening System Plus, a teeth whitening treatment that uses a wireless LED whitening light. 

The Pro Whitening System Plus features two 1-week treatments and a rechargeable Wireless LED Whitening Light.

The Pro Whitening System Plus can brighten teeth up to 9 shades in a single week and up to 2 shades brighter than whitening gel alone, according to SmileDirectClub.

“As we continue to expand our world-class line of bestselling oral care products at SmileDirectClub, we are constantly looking for ways to address our customer’s needs,” said Amy Keith, general manager of global oral care at SmileDirectClub. “The new Wireless LED Whitening Light in the Pro Whitening System Plus utilizes advanced technology to bring even more convenience to our customer’s teeth whitening routine.”

The SmileDirectClub Pro Whitening System Plus is now available and will launch on in mid-February.

Photo courtesy of SmileDirectClub