OP OrthoTechnology TruFit2.0SIZED245Ortho Technology, Tampa, Fla, introduces the TruFit 2.0—an addition to the company’s TruFit line of molar bands, buccal tubes, and prewelded assemblies.

According to the company, TruFit 2.0 advances in all areas of product quality with an improved low-profile design that reduces occlusal interference; an anatomical design that conforms to the tooth; smooth rounded hooks; and an 80-gauge mesh pad on bondable buccal tubes.

The TruFit 2.0 band also features a laser etched exterior identification system for easy product selection. What’s more, the interior is micro-etched to increase bond strength and retention.

With band sizes available from 29.5 to 44, TruFit 2.0 features an expanded offering, giving orthodontists a more complete selection of prescriptions.