Forestadent USA, St. Louis, Mo, introduces the new Quick 2.0® bracket system. The Quick 2.0 features a reinforced clip that reduces unintended deformation through incorrect opening, while also allowing a friction-free hold of the arch. As a result, thinner wires (BioStarter® 0.010, 0.012, or 0.014) are kept safely in position even while moving heavily rotated teeth. The new clip is designed with a slightly higher initial tension and remains easy to open, according to the company. Lower front teeth brackets have also been optimized with specially rounded and flattened edges that result in lower friction.
The process of inserting the wire into the traditional molar brackets is no longer necessary with the Quick 2.0 system. Distal bending of the arch in the patient’s mouth is also no longer required. Instead, the wire can extraorally adjusted (by trimming, annealing, or bending) on the plaster. Finally, the prepared arch only needs to be ligated intraorally. This saves time compared to conventional systems with closed buccal tubes. The new molar brackets are conformed to the anterior brackets and the archwire is placed into the bracket slot while having the clip open, and then ligated with a gentle push on the clip.
Quick 2.0 molar brackets are available in three versions: the usual hook base, the big foot pad, and welded onto a band.