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Planmeca ProMax 3D

Planmeca, Roselle, Ill, has introduced two new products: the ProMax 3D ProFace, a CBVT imaging unit with integrated 3D face scan system; and ProMax 3D Mid, an extended selection of 3D volume sizes combined with traditional 2D panoramic and cephalometric imaging. Both products are based on the ProMax platform. The ProMax 3D ProFace produces a 3D facial photo in addition to traditional digital maxillofacial radiography. The lasers scan the facial geometry and the digital cameras capture the color texture of the face. One scan generates both a 3D photo and a CBVT volume, or if required solely a 3D photo, in which case no radiation is emitted. The 3D photo visualizes soft tissue in relation to dentin, providing a follow-up tool for maxillofacial operations. Because the unit captures all the data in a single scan, the patient position, facial expression, and muscle position remain unchanged, resulting in compatible images. The extended selection of volume choices on the ProMax 3D Mid optimizes imaging areas according to specific diagnostic tasks, while minimizing radiation. An optimal volume size is available for every application, including endodontics (requiring high resolution), implantology (requiring images with a smaller field of view), and orthodontics (requiring large image sizes). It is also capable of acquiring traditional panoramic and cephalometric images.

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TP Orthodontics Ultra-Low Profile Molar Tubes

TP Orthodontics Inc, La Porte, Ind, now offers Ultra-Low Profile Molar Tubes. The tubes’ bondable pad conforms to the buccal groove, while a positioning guide is designed for better placement. According to the company, the ultra-low profile minimizes the potential for debonding and improves patient comfort, and the funnel-shaped entrance makes wire insertion easier. The tubes feature the company’s PrimeKoteTechnology, a protective coating designed to resist moisture and contamination, reinforce the bond between the mesh pad and adhesive, and simplify removal and cleanup.

TP Orthodontics Inc
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BioMers SimpliClear Braces System and ASTICS Color Retainers

BioMers Products LLC, Naples, Fla, has introduced the SimpliClear™ braces system and the ASTICS® Color retainers. The SimpliClear system is made up of translucent brackets and BioMers’ translucent polymer composite wire. SimpliClear is available as SimpliClear Express, a system for treating patients with mild misalignment of teeth in a shorter period of time compared to comprehensive orthodontic treatment, according to the company. SimpliClear, designed for comprehensive orthodontic treatment, will be available at a later date. The ASTICS Color retainers are available with colored wires in blue, green, or hot pink. They are made from the same material as the SimpliClear orthodontic wires.

BioMers Products LLC
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FORESTADENT BioQuick Brackets

FORESTADENT, St. Louis, introduces BioQuick®, the third generation of its self-ligating Quick bracket system. The company scanned approximately 4,000 teeth from around the world using 3D laser scanning, and this data was used to develop the brackets’ base. The new base better corresponds to the anatomical curvature of tooth crowns due to its slight angulation. The base also has hook-style undercuts for bonding. BioQuick brackets have a circumferential pad margin designed to reduce the overflow of adhesive. The interactive clip has a new snap function. With the aid of a notch on the pad margin, the probe is guided automatically to the slightly extended clip, making it easier to open from the gingival. The clip provides more free space for archwires up to a dimension of 0.0018” because of a special support. The brackets also have four contact ribs in the slot. The archwire rests on only two contact points, providing clearance and easing friction-free sliding.

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Practicon Prophygiene II Hygiene Handpiece

Practicon Inc, Greenville, NC, has introduced the Prophygiene II Hygiene Handpiece. Weighing 2.3 ounces, the Prophygiene II features a standard MW 4-hole attachment, a full 360° swivel, and a nondetachable 1:1 friction-grip chuck nose. According to the company, the handpiece delivers a smooth, vibration-free operation and optimal torque, even at low psi levels.

Practicon Inc
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