Orthodontic Products – April/May 2007
Focus on Pliers

Get a handle on these key tools of the trade

E.A. Beck & Co

E.A. Beck & Co introduces Rust and Stain Remover for orthodontic instruments. According to the company, Rust and Stain Remover will remove most rust and stains with a 10-minute soak and a light brushing. The stain remover also removes water deposits and detergent residues from instruments and helps free up box joints and restore luster. It may also be used as an ultrasonic cleaner and to wipe the inside of an autoclave. The stain remover is available in a 1-gallon container and has a full money-back guarantee. As an added bonus, the company offers free shipping on your first order—upto $11.

E.A. Beck & Co
657 W 19th St, Suite E
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(800) 854-0153

ClassOne Orthodontics

ClassOne Orthodontics offers Ixion high-quality precision instruments. All Ixion instruments are made from German surgical stainless steel with a satin finish that reduces glare. All cutting edges are made from tungsten carbide inserts that provide strength and sharpness. All instruments have a box joint to provide reliable, smooth action and ensure that the tips align each time. The Ixion instruments have a streamlined design and round, smooth edges.

ClassOne Orthodontics Inc
5064 50th St
Lubbock, TX 79414
(800) 343-5291

Raintree Essix

Raintree Essix offers the Hilliard MTM™ System, which uses Hilliard Thermopliers™. The system allows orthodontists to achieve rotation, torquing, lateral movement, and tipping of up to 3 mm chairside without resetting teeth in a laboratory environment. The pliers may be used to create a series of bumps or protrusions in a clear Essix® aligner in order to move teeth. Essix aligners can be fabricated and adjusted in seconds—a single aligner provides up to 3 mm of movement at 1 mm per month.

Raintree Essix
4001 Division St
Metairie, LA 70002
(800) 883-8733


LeoneAmerica introduces a cap remover for convertible buccal tubes. The cap remover is an autoclavable instrument with replaceable tips that may be used in any situation when convertible cap removal is desired. According to the company, its ratchet-type trigger is quick and simple. It has an adjustable shaft so that the converting tip can be positioned at different angles, allowing the orthodontist to access hard-to-reach areas in the oral cavity.

501 W Van Buren, Suite S
Avondale, AZ 85353
(800) 242-9986


Dentronix offers a mini-size Tapered Ligature Cutter, which is based on the full-size ligature cutter. The cutter’s tapered tip allows easy access in the posterior and cuts up to .016 inches of soft wire. Available in high gloss or satin finishes, this Royal Plier is dry-heat sterilizable and autoclavable. The box joint keeps the tips stable during cutting.

Dentronix Inc
235 Ascot Pkwy
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
(800) 523-5944

Precision Plier Service

Precision Plier Service offers both orthodontic plier and dental handpiece repairs. All repairs are performed in-house to guarantee the lowest price and the fastest turnaround.

Precision Plier Service
14175 Telephone Ave, Suite D
Chino, CA 91710
(800) 229-9060

TP Orthodontics

TP Orthodontics offers its Power Crimping Pliers with long and wide ergonomic handles, which allow the orthodontist to exert up to twice as much force, according to the company. Power Crimping Pliers are designed to place TP Orthodontics Crimpable Hooks and Ribbed Crimpable Hooks onto archwires. The pliers feature the Never-Mar® finish, a brushed surface that reduces glare and resists fingerprints and scratches.

TP Orthodontics Inc
100 Center Plaza
La Porte, IN 46350-9672
(800) 348-8856

Great Lakes Orthodontics

Great Lakes Orthodontics offers pliers that are designed for accurate wire bending, adjusting, and contouring. The Three Prong Pliers (pictured) feature precision-aligned, tapered tips for consistent and delicate bending. Single-piece construction of the double tip eliminates flaring and ensures strength, according to the company. Other styles include the Serrated Wire Bending Plier, How, Jarabak, Hawley, Adams Clasp, and Bird Beak Pliers. Adjusting pliers and heavy-duty pliers are also available. The pliers are manufactured with stainless steel forgings and easy-grip handles. Long-lasting superior and economy versions are available.

Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd
200 Cooper Ave
Tonawanda, NY 14151-5111
(800) 828-7626

Hu Friedy

Hu-Friedy introduces its Hammerhead NiTi Tie Back Pliers.Hammerhead pliers allow orthodontists to tie back NiTi wire intraorally with no heat, in a one-step process. It also allows practitioners to make a range of bends in NiTi wire, including gable bends and omega loops. The Hammerhead pliers are created from Immunity Steel—forged stainless steel with an optimal blend of chromium and carbon—which provides sharpness retention, corrosion resistance, and longer product life. Hu-Friedy cutters are guaranteed for 7 years and the pliers and benders are guaranteed for 10 years. If corrosion appears within the guarantee, Hu-Friedy will replace the instrument free of charge.

3232 N Rockwell St
Chicago, IL 60618
(877) HF-ORTHO

GAC International

GAC International introduces Invecta, a complete line of pliers and cutters made from surgical-grade German steel and built to withstand repeated sterilization. The cutters have tool steel inserts with diamond-honed cutting edges and carry an all-inclusive, 1-year warranty that includes sharpening. The pliers feature safe, beveled edges and a corrosion-resistant finish. Short and long handles are available in many designs. All Invecta instruments are guaranteed free from manufacturing defects for the life of the instrument.

GAC International
355 Knickerbocker Ave
Bohemia, NY 11716
(800) 645-5530

Bendistal Pliers

Bendistal Pliers introduces its newly designed Bendistal Pliers that can place permanent intraoral v-bends on wires without annealing. The v-bend techniques made possible by the pliers allow orthodontists to intrude teeth to open deep overbites and treat Class III patients without surgery.

Bendistal Pliers
175 Lamp and Lantern Village
Chesterfield, MO 63017
(314) 230-9933


Ortho-pli offers 030-H light wire pliers with an arch former. The 030-H is a multipurpose and autoclavable instrument that can be dry-heat sterilized and prebagged for tray setups. The tip functions as light-wire pliers for forming round and rectangular wire up to 0.025 with a built-in arch former at the base of the instrument for contouring. Made of surgical stainless steel and available in either box- or lap-joint construction, the 030-H features an inserted tip for longevity.

Ortho-pli Corp
10061 Sandmeyer Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19116
(800) 237-3737

MidAtlantic Ortho

MidAtlantic Ortho offers Plier Brite, a concentrated ultrasonic solution that cleans, shines, and brightens pliers. Plier Brite contains anticorrosive enzymes that prevent rust. The solution also brightens old, spotty pliers and keeps new pliers clean and free from corrosion, according to the company.

MidAtlantic Ortho
1008 Industrial Dr, Suite K
West Berlin, NJ 08091
(800) 255-3525

Ortho Organizers

Ortho Organizers offers the Endura® line of pliers, which are manufactured with an even, ultrapolished finish (for stain and corrosion resistance) and smooth, contoured edges for patient comfort. Sliding lock joints ensure accuracy and long life, while ergonomically designed handles provide a comfortable, sure grip. The Acrylic Debonding Plier (a new addition to the Endura line) safely and effectively removes orthodontic acrylic from tooth surfaces. The plier has a hinged platform on one jaw and a debonding blade on the other jaw. When debonding acrylic, the hinged jaw is placed on the occlusal surface to create a secure brace, while the other jaw separates the acrylic from the tooth surface.

Ortho Organizers Inc
1800 Aston Ave
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(800) 547-2000


Forestadent offers stainless steel pliers including How pliers, Band Seating pliers, Surgical Hook Crimping pliers, Hook Crimping pliers, Angled Bird Beak pliers, grooved Bird Beak pliers, Light Wire pliers, Weingardt pliers, 3-Jaw pliers, Wire Contouring pliers, Optical pliers, Stop pliers, Lingual Arch-Forming pliers, Rectangular Arch-Forming pliers, Narrow and Wide Torquing plier set with keys, Tweed or Omega Loop-Forming pliers, and Jarabak pliers.

2315 Weldon Pkwy
St Louis, MO 63146
(800) 721-4940

DB Orthodontics Ltd

DB Orthodontics Ltd offers an Ixion orthodontic instruments catalog. The 30-page catalog includes a full-color compendium of the complete Ixion range. The catalog can also be viewed on the company’s Web site, www.ixion-instruments.com. Unlike conventional, square-sided orthodontic instruments, Ixion instruments feature smooth, rounded contours that provide comfort for the patient. The instruments also feature a slim-line design and are made from German stainless steel with a glare reducing satin finish. The cutting edges are made from tungsten carbide, and all the cutters and pliers have a box joint that allows smooth action and ensures that the tips align each time.

ClassOne Orthodontics
5064 50th St
Lubbock, TX 79414
(800) 343-5291


Ortho-byte introduces its line of Signature Series pliers with inserted tungsten carbide tips. The Signature Series pliers feature a smooth, polished surface and tungsten carbide inserts that are guaranteed not to break or pop out. The pliers are protected by a 6-year warranty on the tips and an unlimited lifetime warranty on the handles. The box joints feature long-term precise alignment that prevents wire fraying and eliminates scissoring. The company offers a repair service that guarantees that if they cannot repair your old pliers, they will buy them from you.

PO Box 9627
Wilmington, DE 19809
(866) 641-2128

Ortho Technology

Ortho Technology offers its line of Falcon® pliers and cutters. The pliers are made of corrosion-resistant, surgical-grade stainless steel and are hard-chrome plated. The balanced joint assembly provides wobble-free performance and allows for precise tip alignment of the cutters. The cutters have tool-steel inserts with diamond-honed cutting edges for precise wire cutting. Falcon pliers and cutters are available with a lifetime warranty.

Ortho Technology Inc
17401 Commerce Park Blvd
Tampa, FL 33647
(800) 999-3161

Magnum Ortho

Magnum Ortho introduces its 20-146F Distal End Cutter-Flush, which cuts wires that are flush to buccal tubes. The cutter holds any wire made from stainless steel or NiTi alloy at the hold ring. A black ring can be autoclaved or cold sterilized. Its maximum cutting capacity for a rectangular wire is .022 inches x .028 inches; .020 inches for round wire; and .021 inches x .025 inches x 5 inches for braided wire.

Magnum Ortho
3265 N Nevada St
Chandler, AZ 85225
(800) 336-9710