Ortho Organizers Inc introduces TransForce®2 Arch Developer Appliances, which are available in two styles: Transverse, for expansion across the arch, and Sagittal, for lengthening of the arch.

TransForce2 Arch Developer Appliances were developed in consultation with Dr William J. Clark, author and speaker on the subject of functional therapy in orthodontics.

Among the enhancements to the TransForce2 Arch Developer Appliances is the addition of placement blades designed for ease of insertion into molar bands with standard lingual sheaths. Universal sizes for the upper and lower arch result in less inventory requirements for the orthodontist. Unlike other expansion devices, the Nitanium® Coil Springs in the expansion modules of the TransForce2 Arch Developer Appliances offer slow, continuous force for optimum patient comfort, and appliances require no laboratory work. The appliances are color-coded for visual size identification, and according to the company they fit along the lingual arch for a virtually invisible appearance as well as superior aesthetic value. 

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