is a new website offering webinars and materials related to billing procedures. The website­—developed by Christine Taxin, CEO of Links2Success LLC, a dental consultant with 40 years of experience in both the dental and medical fields— aims to improve efficiency and profitability of dental and orthodontic offices.

The site includes training to teach offices how to bill medical insurance for some of their procedures and also medical practices how to bill some dental procedures. Among the billable procedures are sleep apnea appliances, TMJ therapy, implants, periodontal therapy, and CT scans.

Training is available through both live and prerecorded webinars available on the website. Webinar topics include what are the differences between a dental claim form and a medical claim form, the proper use of diagnostic codes, should a dental professional participate with Medicare or not, and what diagnostic tests can be billed.

The website also features a number of forms for use by offices, including appeal letters to insurance companies, and a manual on how to implement sleep apnea treatment into a practice.

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