Three out of four general dentists think it is appropriate for generalpractitioners (GPs) to perform orthodontics, but only 4% oforthodontists surveyed agreed, according to a poll conducted by The Wealthy Dentist.

"Case selection is critical and should be based upon the knowledge andskill of the GP," said a Florida dentist who responded to the survey.

A prosthodontist argued, "With proper training, any GP should beable to perform any procedure, whether it is endo, ortho, dentalimplants, etc."

However, 41% of the orthodontists surveyed say they are the only ones who should be doing virtually all orthodontic work.

"Every orthodontist is being asked to help bail out GP cases, as theyoften underestimate the complexity of cases or are tackling more complexcases than they should due to economic pressures," wrote one Californiaorthodontist.

While an Australian dentist commented that orthodontics "is not rocket science," an orthodontist put it more starkly: “Would you send your wife to a family physician for her brain surgery?”