OrthoTechnology_OrthoPerformanceOrtho Technology, Tampa, Fla, has expanded its existing patient care product offerings to include a complete premium line of Ortho Performance® orthodontic oral care products. These products are designed to help patients adjust to their new orthodontic appliances and dental hygiene.

The Premium 5-Piece Ortho Hygiene Kit includes a bi-level ortho toothbrush, interproximal brush, ortho wax, mint floss, and floss threaders—all contained in a plastic case.

The Premium Travel Toothbrush, designed for ortho patient hygiene, features a 34-tuft, compact v-trim toothbrush with a self-contained handle that snaps securely into place for travel.

In addition, the Ortho Performance patient care product line has been expanded to offer four new premium toothbrushes that are individually sealed in blister packaging—the Premium Sensitive Full Head Toothbrush with extra soft tapered bristles; the Premium Sensitive Compact Head Toothbrush; the Premium Bi-Level Ortho Tapered Head Toothbrush; and the Premium Multi-Directional Compact Head Toothbrush.

The Ortho Performance line also now includes Premium Dental Floss. Available in Mint flavor and Plain in convenient 4 m sizes that are comparable.

The Ortho Performance line additionally offers Premium Interproximal Brushes. Available in cylinder and cone profile designs, the interproximal brushes feature a dual component handle with secure finger rests for ease of use.

Lastly, the Ortho Performance line offers Premium Floss Threaders. The floss threaders are packaged in a clear case for ease of use and hygienic storage.