Harris Orthodontic Laboratory introduces I Lost My Retainer, a book of funny retainer stories e-mailed to Maggie Harris, with cartoons by Mig. The 9- x 9-inch, spiral-bound book has 54 pages of text and cartoons and costs $19.95.

According to Ray Bedette, DDS, "Maggie Harris has compiled a lighthearted but informative book to educate orthodontic patients about the ephemeral nature of retainers. Dogs, restaurants, and other mishaps that we have all heard many times are presented. I have this book in my waiting room, and I cannot tell you how many times patients have commented on the stories. Kids find it fun to read while at the same time it is reinforcing the lesson. It would make good required reading for new retainer owners.  If it saved you only one remake a month, it would be worth the money."

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