Lester A. Dine Inc introduces a dental camera lens and flash for its Canon 12.3 mp 40d digital SLR camera.

The Canon 40d may be used for dental or personal photography. It features a ring flash for intraoral photography, including an adjustable point flash for facial photography and anterior and lateral picture-taking. The camera’s Macro Ring and Point Flash, designed for dental photography, features through-the-lens technology, which provides consistent illumination.

The kit includes a 105-mm macro lens with a dental standardization guide, which provides graphical indication of the ideal lens setting for dental photography, as well as recommended f-stops. The kit includes lifetime telephone support and instructions, including an intraoral mirror, cheek retractors, a dental contrastor, a 1-GB memory card, a memory-card reader, a battery, and a charger.

For more information, visit www.dinecorp.com.